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 COVID-19: Suspension of all working activities extended until April 19th
04-03-2020 11:48

In compliance with the new Law Decree and due to the continuing epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, we have extended the suspension of all working activities until 19 April in the Italian factories/offices.
For any request of technical assistance, please email to .
We’ll do our utmost to support you at our earliest convenience, based on the current situation.

 CoViD-19: Suspension of all working activities extended until April 5 2020
03-26-2020 17:50

In compliance with the Decree dd. 25 March 2020 on the "Urgent measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19", we have extended the suspension of working activities in the Italian factories/offices until 5 April.
We hope that during this additional week of work suspension, the ongoing epidemic may have a favourable course, in order to start again the work activities confidently and safely.

 Suspension of all working activities in the Italian factories/offices
03-18-2020 16:54

As is well known, the World Health Organization has officially recognized the propagation of COVID-19 as a “pandemic” and the Italian Government has issued various decrees aimed to contain and manage the health emergency throughout the country.
During the last weeks, we’ve been working actively to face this situation in order on one side to minimize the risk of our employees’ health (actions taken: suspension of all business trips and training courses, reduction of the physical meetings by preferring the ones in virtual mode, smart-working procedure, shift working when possible) and on the other to ensure the operational continuity to our customers.
But now, based on the current circumstances, we have decided to intervene more decidedly to protect our employees’ health, their families and the whole community too by suspending all activities of the Italian factories, as from today till March 29th.
We’ll use profitably this closing to check, improve and guarantee that all our plants will be at a maximum level both of health and safety when we’ll be back to work, because we’re aware that the only way to defeat the COVID-19 is to stop the contagion, and to do that the individual responsibility and the protected working places are needed. We are well conscious of the discomfort that this action will cause, but the strong exceptional situation in which we are all involved requires exceptional interventions and a great sense of responsibility.
During this closing period, the after-sales toll-free number for Italy (you can find it on our website) and the export after-sales service (email to ) will be active (from 08:30 to 12:30 am).
We’ll do our utmost to support you at our earliest convenience, based on the current situation.
The Spare Parts vision is closed both for handling and shipment.
We take care of our employees as of our customers, and we’re confident that when this emergency will come to an end, we’ll be able to start again all together to reaffirm the excellence of our company and our products.

 You can meet us also at...
09-12-2017 15:00
Next rendez-vous with HPA-FAIP...around the world.
 Installation layout & Software updates - Migration to Download Area.
03-01-2017 09:17
Dear Sirs, we hereby inform you that starting from 2017 March 6th the “Installation layout” and “Software Updates” files will be transferred to the “Download” section of the reserved “User area”. The actual location on our website can be consulted further only up to 2017 March 13th; from this mentioned date, files section used so far will be no longer active and the relevant keys on the left side of the website will disappear.
 NEXION Group/ALPI Services event - Undergraduates of Politecnico in Milan (Italy)
11-25-2016 10:33

NEXION Group under the HPA-FAIP and Tecnomotor brands, hosted the day 17 November 2016 at its headquarters, a group of undergraduate students accompanied by their tutors.
Also present ALPI Services in the person of its Chairman Ing. Carlo Giannuzzi.

 New User Area HPA-FAIP
07-31-2015 14:34
Dear Sirs, we hereby inform you that Private Area in HPA-FAIP website has been renovated in both graphic design and efficiency, to also include the brand new SERVICE FAQ area. Starting from next September 10 all current users profiles will become invalid and a new direct registration by the user will be necessary, in compliance with the Privacy legislation of today. As a consequence, from mentioned date the Private Area used so far will be no longer active and the relevant key on the left side of the website will disappear; it will be replaced by the User area box immediately below, now active, with a simple input of Login and Password.
 Basta frodi nelle revisioni!
03-03-2014 15:14
 Circolare prot 4214 del 24 febbraio 2014
02-28-2014 11:31
 HPA-FAIP and AUTOGARANT/CNA: Important agreement
11-14-2013 13:54

Tra  HPA-FAIP  e  Autogarant  è stato fatto un accordo che prevede una rapporto preferenziale per gli artigiani  CNA  tramite la piattaforma che si svilluppa nel sito  Autogarant .
A breve gli aderenti alla rete  Autogarant  potranno avere condizioni privilegiate tramite un particolare codice di accesso che evidenzierà l'artigiano che vuole notizie su particolari forniture di prodotto inseriti nel cataologo  HPA-FAIP , come appartenete alla rete qualificata di  Autogarant/CNA
Questo previlegio si tradurrà in una rapporto preferenziale in merito alle condizioni di vendita o assistenza o prezzi da concordare, a seconda delle esigenze, direttamente con  HPA-FAIP
Man mano che si perfezioneranno i dettagli della collaborazione ne verrete informati. 
Questo accordo tra professionisti e produttori rappresenta la vera, sana e primaria fonte di collaborazione tra le aziende che creano, con il loro lavoro, sicurezza. ma necessitano, per farlo, di forniture sempre aggiornate e di assistenza qualificata, e le aziende produttrici di attrezzature e servizi che si propongono a loro come partner tecnici ed economici. 
Autogarant/CNA  assicura tutta la sua attenzione e competenza per vigilare affinché non si pongano in essere attività speculative, ma sia questo un vero servizio tra chi lavora e chi produce nell'interesse della collettività.

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